Welcome to Diane White Fine Art. Diane is an artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who specializes in still life paintings with a contemporary twist. Informed Collector Newsletter recently wrote "Subtleties of light, texture, and color abound in still lifes of ordinary objects. The energy of the work sings due to her masterful approach and treatment."

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Morning Has Broken

Painting The Still Life in Oils

South Arts at the Schoolhouse Art Center in Bethel Park

Workshop on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 10:00 - 3:30
Class will focus on painting still life in oil. Students will set up a still life in small groups, and then paint from life starting with a massing in of shapes, to the block in of color, shadows and highlights, ending with finishing details. Approximately three set-ups will be available to work from.
A short demo will be done at the beginning to present the concepts of a successful composition and progression of the painting.
Included will be a discussion of the palette and the instructor's techniques. If you have always wanted to try oils, but don't have the supplies, a palette of paints, medium and a 12 x 16 toned canvas will be available for purchase for $12. Supply your own brushes. Supply list sent upon registration.
Members $45.00. non-members $50.00

For more information go to South Arts Website or contact Diane